We create relations between furniture and people.


We do this, by uniting contemporary design and craftsmanship in furniture you can modify.


This allows you to refine yourself and renew your home in a contemporary manner.


In 2016, Harald Hermanrud established his own trademark by HARALD HERMANRUD, with one single ambition:


»To create less but more dedicated.«


Therefore he chose to handle the manufacturing part in dialog with skilled craftsmen.


Harald Hermanrud's ideas emerge from observations of the present. With attention to detail, these ideas are carefully developed into an entirety. In this process, high-quality materials are used in articulated structures that will persist in a contemporary life that constantly evolves and changes.


by HARALD HERMANRUD believes that this commitment enriches the final product with an authenticity, presence and value you can relate to and enjoy for a long time. In this way, we create intimate links between furniture and people.


Harald Hermanrud graduated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2015, with prior studies in Oslo, Munich and USA.


After additional education for cabinetmaker, he presented a prototype of HOMER SYSTEM, model H25 in beech at Finderskeepers Design Market the 16th of April 2016. Orders and demand for other models in the collection motivated him to follow a dream and start up a design driven company.


He introduced the collection for retailers at Formland Spring, where he received the Creators Community Entrepreneur Award: BEST DESIGN.


In 2017, Harald Hermanrud was also nominated for the highly acclaimed Bo Bedre Design Award in the category: Upcoming Designer of the Year.


We are very proud and thankful for these recognitions.



Bo Bedre Design Award, nominated for Upcoming Designer of the Year, 2017


Formland Best Design, winner of Creators Community Entrepreneur Award, 2017



Stockholm Furniture Fair, feb. 2018


Formland Spring, Herning feb. 2018


Habitare Design Fair, Helsinki sept. 2017


Oslo Design Fair, Oslo aug.-sept. 2017


Formland Autumn, Herning aug. 2017


PEJ gallery, PEJ gruppen feb.-may 2017


Formland Spring, Herning feb. 2017

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