~ HOMER is an award-winning shelving system that you can easily modify throughout your life. This flexibility makes HOMER a durable and long-term choice in a modern lifestyle that constantly evolves and changes. In this way, we aim to create lasting relationships between furniture and people.
DESIGN z Think outside the box with HOMER system. HOMER is functional in its nature, but it is also a unique display unit where removable shelves make it possible to create space for artworks and plants to grow freely and naturally in all directions. The design also makes it possible to organize books in a standing position, a function that is rarely seen as a built-in feature in open shelving systems. HOMER is a new, though classical bookcase and room divider that has room for change, new ideas, memories and dreams.
DURABILITY ∞ by HARALD HERMANRUD works with durable, classical materials such as oiled oak, polished marble, brass and silk-white wooden boards. Skilled craftsmen process these materials into a design that you can change throughout your life. This make HOMER system a sustainable and long-term choice, in a modern lifestyle that constantly evolves and changes.
CONSTRUCTIVISM \ The young designer Harald Hermanrud is driven by a constructive approach to both design and craftsmanship, two subjects he consider as inseparable. He combines this conviction with his ambition to change the opinion on furniture that are packed flat, simply is not made to last. In this way he approaches Danish design tradition from a new and fresh perspective, creating functional, high-quality furniture that can be stocked, packaged and shipped with a minimal impact on the environment. He call this ideology for constructive design.
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